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About Us

Every week offers a great new wine deal. We only go for top shelf wines here. Yes, great wines only. Exceptional, Highly rated, medal winners, 90+ points etc., otherwise we'll pass.

Help us grow and tell your friends...
because the wines we pull won't last long!

How do I get in on the action?
Join our mailing list above and be one of the few to get access to our one time deals before they are gone. We'll send you offers via email for amazing wines at roughly 20-50% savings when you purchase. Also, if you order enough, WE PAY THE SHIPPING! Use the form at the top of this page and SIGN UP NOW, or see what we're offering this week.

How long will offers last?
We expect 1-3 days, or until the heist is sold out.

Why one wine per week?
You will not catch us stealing a wine every day. It takes time to carefully orchestrate an effective Wine Heist. We are not about dumping wines on the market, we only get our hands on the good stuff.

Is this a club?
List members can buy any time, once a week, once a month, or once a year. Choose whatever you like. It comes in and out quickly. When it's gone, it's gone.

Can I buy more later?
Each offer is a one shot deal. However, we may be able to point you to our inside contact at the winery if they have anything else floating around.

What states can you ship to?
If your state is not on the shipment list, sorry we can not ship wine to you! If this is the case and you can't get wine shipped to your state, you might want to support to make it easier to ship wine in your area.

Is my user information shared with anyone?
Never. The only thing we share is the offer.

How long is my shipment going to take?
Usually about 5-10 days. If it's hot or cold out, maybe longer weather permitting.

  Shipping offer valid in the United States. Alaska and Hawaii are excluded.

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