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2009 Eberle Cotes-du-Robles Blanc

Eberle Winery
2009 Côtes-du-Rôbles Blanc

PLATINUM MEDAL - Monterey Wine Competition, 2011
GOLD MEDAL / BEST OF CLASS - California State Fair, 2011
GOLD MEDAL - Los Angeles International Wine Competition, 2010
GOLD MEDAL - Orange County Fair, 2010
GOLD MEDAL - Riverside International Wine Competition, 2011
GOLD MEDAL - West Coast Wine Competition, 2011

Wines made from the red grapes of France's Rhone Valley have been making an impact on the California wine scene for some time, with Syrah gaining popularity every year and Grenache starting to show its potential in this region, but the white grapes have only recently started to gain traction.  And although they probably won't be eclipsing Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc anytime soon, wines like today’s offering from Eberle in Paso Robles show that there is serious potential for Rhone inspired white wine in California.  The Cotes du Robles Blanc is Eberle's nod to the white Cotes du Rhone wines of the Southern Rhone. While these are not seen as frequently as their red counterparts, they offer amazing value for such complex, interesting wines, and this effort from Eberle follows that model perfectly.

The 2009 Eberle Cotes du Robles Blanc, from Paso Robles is a golden, straw color and bursts with aromas of melon and lemon.  This wine is only 35% Viognier, however, with the rest Grenache Blanc, and the Grenache Blanc really shows through on the palate, with flavors of apricot, green apple, and hints of strawberry.  Medium bodied, with clean, fresh flavors, this is the perfect wine for summer, as it is refreshing when served chilled, yet gains complexity as it warms up in the glass.  Serve it as an aperitif, or with chilled shellfish, for the perfect end to a warm summer afternoon, or the perfect beginning to a summer evening.  Don’t miss out on the chance to stock up on this bargain!

Variety: 65% Grenache Blanc, 35% Viognier
Appellation: Paso Robles
Vineyard: Steinbeck Vineyard, Robert Hall Vineyard
Alcohol: 13.7%
Acidity: 0.72
pH: 3.03
Brix at Harvest: 24.8˚
Date Harvested: 09.22.09

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About The Winery...

In 1973, Gary Eberle began his career in the wine industry by heading his family’s Estrella River Winery (currently Meridian Vineyards in Paso Robles) and produced 500,000 cases a year at its facility. Eberle’s pioneering spirit didn’t stop there. In 1980, he co-founded the Paso Robles Appellation and in 1983, Gary opened the doors to his own Eberle Winery with the premiere of Eberle’s 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, Eberle handcrafts 25,000 cases of wine each year from surrounding Estate vineyards. And, after more than 25 years since the release of the Eberle label, the winery consistently remains one of the highest award-winning wineries in the United States.

The German name "Eberle" translates to "small boar." At Eberle Winery, a bronze boar greets every guest who visits the Tasting Room. The statue is the 93rd replica of the original bronze Porcellino cast by Tacca in 1620. And today, the original can be found in the straw market in Florence, Italy. It is considered good luck to rub the boar's nose and toss a coin in the water below. All money collected at the Eberle boar fountain is donated to local children's charities. 

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