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2007 Stretto Red Wine, Napa Valley

2007 Stretto Red Wine
Napa Valley, California

A Bargain at 50% Off...

One of the major differences between New World and Old World wines that most people notice right away is that they are labeled differently, with Europe tending to label wines based on where they are from, and New World wines typically placing more emphasis on the variety of grape that makes up the wine.  Theses New World wines are typically labeled either "Red Wine" or "White Wine" as appropriate.  For those that know, some varieties to do really well in a blend and make exceptional wines.

A few weeks ago we made friends with Verismo Wines up in the Napa Valley. Nice people and a family owned business by four brothers: Don, Nick, Frank and John D'Ambrosio, who are well know for their traditional Italian restaurant named Frankie Johnnie and Luigi Too down in Silicon Valley. With such a rich history of food and wine, we instantly fell love with their family story, and after sampling the wine we were delighted find out that their wines live up to our expectations. We were immediately impressed by what we sampled that day, so when the winery said "let's make a deal!" we jumped at the chance to offer their 2007 Stretto Red at $20, half of its original asking price.

The 2007 Stretto Napa Valley Red Wine uses French grape varieties sourced from two small family owned vineyards in Napa.  It is made up of 65% Merlot, with about 5% of Petit Verdot and Malbec, and also 30% Syrah for added structure.  This is more like a Super Tuscan blend you might find from a cutting edge Italian producer.  The result of this blending is a lovely wine, blood red in color with a nose of mixed berry, spice, and dried herbs.  The palate is firm and structured, with plum and cherry flavors joined by hints of earth and spice.  This wine will only continue to improve with cellaring.  A perfect accompaniment for beef or lamb, and an incredible bargain at 50% off the retail price.  This is definitely one you do not want to miss.

Aging:  22 months in French oak barrels (20% new)
Blend:  65% Merlot, 30% Syrah, 3% Malbec, 2% Petit Verdot
Vineyard:  Las Cerezas in Yountville, Napa Valley, West Oak Knoll, Napa Valley         
Harvested:  Mid October 2007
Brix:  25.4 Average
Alcohol:  14.9%
Bottle Date:  August 2009
Production:  80 Barrels

About The Winery...

Verismo Wines is a family owned business owned by four brothers, Don, Nick, Frank and John D’Ambrosio. Before Verismo Wines was conceived the four brothers ran a traditional Italian restaurant called, “Frankie Johnnie and Luigi Too” located in Mountain View, California, and New York Style Sausage Company in Sunnyvale, CA. The D’Ambrosio brothers only mandate in all their ventures is, homemade fresh food and products, and lots of it. The combination of delicious recipes, hard work and dedication led to the D’Ambrosio brother’s family success.

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