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2007 Rubicon Reserve Cabernet

2007 Rubicon “Captain’s Reserve” Rutherford,
Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Originally founded in 1880 as Inglenook Winery, this estate has produced some legendary wines over the years, and although it has gone through a few ownership and name changes, the estate has been completely reassembled, and there is no doubt that the attention is once again on making world-class wines.  The estate is located in Rutherford, one of Napa’s historically great appellations, and Inglenook has been a big part of establishing that reputation.

Very dark ruby in color, verging on purple, the 2007 Rubicon Captain’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon leaves no doubt that it is a concentrated wine.  The nose is loaded with classic Cabernet aromas of cassis, blackcurrant, and tobacco, with notes of vanilla, plum, and black cherry.  The palate continues this fruit forwardness with blackberry and currant, but gains complexity with hints of leather, dark chocolate mousse, and caramel.  There is even a note of… what is it… white pepper? No… iron? Not quite… oh! It’s dust! The famous mineral-rich soil of the Rutherford district is said to give its wines a unique, but very pleasant “dusty” character, and it is definitely present here, lending an earthy element that acts as a great counterpoint to the rich, intense fruit flavors.  With plenty of acid to add focus, and wonderful length, this elegant wine is truly a complete package.  Perfect for steak and mushrooms, steak au poivre, grilled steak… or even grilled Portobello mushrooms, for those less excited about steak.  Designed to drink now, you are going to be very glad you have this wine as barbecue season begins.

While wine snobs may spend a little too much time obsessing about terroir, it’s true that there is nothing quite like recognizing the effects a vineyards unique soil and climate can have on the flavor of a wine, and this Cabernet delivers in a big way.  If you haven’t had this experience, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try, and experience Rutherford in a bottle.  At just $36 for a Cabernet from one of Napa’s most prestigious regions, and one of America’s great historical wineries, this one is impossible to pass up!

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About The Winery...

In 1975, Francis Coppola came upon the historic Inglenook property in his quest for a quaint summer home where he could make a little wine in the basement like his grandparents once did. Though far more immense than what he and his family were initially looking for, Coppola was impressed by the Estate's natural beauty and mesmerized by the story of Gustave Niebaum. Feeling somehow connected to the man who shared a similar immigrant story, a love of wine, and also had a successful career outside of the agricultural realm, Coppola vowed to reconstruct the great Estate by creating Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery.

Situated in Rutherford, one of the premier Cabernet Sauvignon growing regions in California, the Estate strives to preserve the traditions of its predecessor by crafting word-class wines. It took more than twenty years to reunite all of the original vineyards and restore winemaking to the Chateau. Now that this is complete, we have progressed into a new era of innovation, choosing to rename the property - Rubicon Estate - after our critically acclaimed flagship wine. When Gustave Niebaum began his enterprise, there were approximately forty-five wineries in California. Today, there are more than tow hundred fifty in Napa Valley alone. None have as rich history, as remarkable a story, or as innovative a family as Rubicon Estate.

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