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2006 VIE Syrah, Les Amours

VIE 2006 Syrah, "Les Amours"
Santa Barbara County

Syrah is unique in that it can do well in both warm sites, where its big, powerful fruit flavors reach maturity, and cool sites, where earthier, gamier flavors dominate. This week’s Heist features a great example of Syrah from the Santa Barbara area, where hot days and cold nights seem to bring out the best of both of these sides of Syrah. The 2006 Vie “Les Amours” is blended from two vineyards, Thompson and White Hawk, that are quickly developing a reputation for producing tremendous Syrah, along with a small percentage of Mourvedre, which adds color and texture.

“Les Amours” is deep ruby in the glass, with a touch of purple.  The nose is loaded with plum and blackberry, along with black pepper, baked apple, cinnamon, and Syrah’s characteristic aroma of bacon.  The palate is dominated by pomegranate, with a complex mix of pepper, earth, black cherry, and allspice carrying through on the finish.  Good acid and full, ripe flavors combine to produce a balanced and surprisingly, given its heft an elegant wine.  This is lush, juicy and pleasing, yet without being cloying, making it perfect with a wide range of strongly flavored meat dishes.  For fans of Syrah, all the classic flavors are here, and for those less familiar with its charms, this is the perfect introduction.

Technical Info
87% Syrah, Thompson & White Hawk Vineyard
12% Mourvèdre, Alta Mesa Vineyard
1% Grenache, Alta Mesa Vineyard
Alcohol: 14.2%
pH: 3.83
TA: 0.80
Indigenous Yeast Fermentation
Aged 18 months in French Oak Barrels, 33% New

About The Winery...

VIE Winery was started by Bryan Kane who asked a small group of friends (Bryan Robertson, Rachel Blatt, and Barry Dorf) who were also passionate about wine, to join him in his desire to produce high-quality, unique Rhone varietal wines. Through several years of enjoying, collecting and making wine, VIE has developed a refined sense of the attributes that make a fine boutique wine.  Efforts in Vie Winery are focused on creating wines that reflect these attributes for each of the top California vineyards from which we acquire our grapes.

VIE uses traditional “old world” family winemaking techniques to ensure that the unique qualities of the grapes are reflected in the wine, thus making each bottle a unique drinking experience. While these techniques take more time and produce less wine, the end result is a wine that can be enjoyed now as well as cellared for many years to come.

The name Vie comes from the Old French word meaning "to invite" or "to give occasion for". Or, in French today, it is simply translated "Life". With friends, with experiences, with everyday life – get the most out of life! Vie Winery embraces this philosophy and hopes that you can experience this through their wines. Make an occasion to enjoy Vie with friends. Enjoy Vie! Enjoy Life!

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